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Miramar1804 - Avenida 7 n. 1804, Miramar L'avana - [email protected] - [email protected]


Owners's photo at B&B Casa Particular Miramar 1804

Miramar1804’s casa particular in Cuba is managed by us Italians, Michele and Alessia.

In 2013, we moved permanently to Havana from Italy, after a leisure trip where we discovered a fascinating country.

The Cuban poet Nicolàs Guillèn was the first to refer to Cuba as “a long green lizard with eyes of water and stone”, an island covered with vegetation, with hills and rivers that stretch into the Caribbean sea, crystal clear waters and the depths of the coral reef.

As Italians, in Cuba we were impressed by the colors, the vivacity, the musicality of the capital with its pastel houses, the cars of the 50s and the Spanish colonial architecture in Old Havana, the historic center of the sixteenth century. The city enjoys a unique atmosphere, rich in attractions and historic buildings, with an irresistible charm, also boasts dozens of places to visit and a vibrant nightlife.

We fell in love with the Cuban people. They are extroverted, talkative, hospitable, a living core and teeming with humanity. On the street you can find yourself talking, have a little business, play dominoes, pedal.

Music is the soul of the island.

All of this has convinced us to live in Cuba, in this country, a thousand kilometers long, rich in history and beautiful places to visit, and to open a B&B for which we have committed our forces, in order to ensure to offer the best of hospitality.

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